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Here we go! 2014 is coming and we are thrilled to present the last theme for this year - Moustache. It comes with a lot of great new features like the fullscreen position which provides the perfect setting to impress with your stunning images and videos. Easily create a One Page with a fancy smooth scroller to present your information. Built on Warp7 and UIkit, customizing your website become a breeze.



A fast and slick theme framework which provides a rich tool set to develop cross-platform themes.

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A lightweight and modular front-end framework for developing fast and powerful web interfaces.

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The next generation toolkit for Joomla and WordPress to enrich your website experience.

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Home Moustache Crew

The Moustache Crew

We know you want to look good and our passionate and experienced team knows how to do that.
Come over and meet them at Moustache. See for yourself and get in touch.



Style Director






Color Expert




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This theme is built on the Warp framework, a well-engineered theme framework for WordPress and Joomla, and utilizes all of its latest features. The user interface is powered by UIkit, a lightweight and modular front-end framework, which provides the theme’s styling. The theme also comes with a wide range of different layouts and widget variations.


We provide lovingly crafted style variations to give you a glimpse of what is possible with this theme. The built-in theme customizer allows you to modify colors, fonts, sizes and much more without any CSS knowledge. Just choose your colors with the color picker and adjust the theme with only a few clicks. Click on one of the images to see the style.

Article Columns

You can add a special class .tm-article-columns to a paragraph. This will divide the content of the paragraph into two columns.

Article Dropcap

Use the class .tm-dropcap to enlarge the first letter of a paragraph.

Here is an example:

<span class="tm-dropcap">L</span>orem ipsum

Smooth Scroller

Easily create a One Page website. We included a new smooth scroller position, where you can add your ID you want to scroll to. Also you can use every icon provided by UIkit.

Thats how you can add a smooth scroll navigation:

<a href="#tm-fullscreen" data-uk-smooth-scroll><i class="uk-icon-circle"></i></a>
<a href="#tm-top-a" data-uk-smooth-scroll><i class="uk-icon-circle"></i></a>
<a href="#tm-top-b" data-uk-smooth-scroll><i class="uk-icon-circle"></i></a>

Fullscreen Image

Moustache comes with 8 impressive fullscreen images, that automatically fits into the screen resolution.

Fixed & transparent navbar

To highlight the fullscreen images we added the option to set the navbar transparent. Of course you can also easily fix the navbar if you like.

Diamond thumbnail

To create a unique diamond shaped thumbnail, just add the class .tm-overlay-diamond to the UIkit thumbnail component.

Here is an example:

<a class="uk-thumbnail tm-thumbnail-diamond" href="#">
	<div class="uk-overlay">
		<img src="" alt="">
		<div class="uk-overlay-area"></div>

Social Icons

Use the modifier .uk-icon-button class to create an icon button.

Here is a little code example how to add them:

  <a href="#" class="uk-icon-button uk-icon-twitter"></a>
  <a href="#" class="uk-icon-button uk-icon-facebook"></a>
  <a href="#" class="uk-icon-button uk-icon-google-plus"></a>

Here is an overview of all icons provided by Font Awesome.

Home Our Prices

Our Prices

Shampoo + Cut

$ 19,95

Special offer: Get a regular haircut including hairwash for a special price.

Long Layered Cut

$ 17,95

Want to look like your favorite celebrity?
Get a makeover at Moustache!

Regular Haircut

$ 15,95

Get every classic haircut you can imagine. Our team is prepared for everything.

Moustache of the month

$ 10,95

Every month we create a new unique moustache style for you.

Beard trim

$ 8,95

Looking like cast away?
Get a cool looking beard trim.


$ 8,95

You want to look young again?
Just get a shave at Moustache.

Home What You Think

What You Think

  • This barber shop is amazing!
    I love these guys and my new haircut.

    Jason Watson, 26
  • Wow! My life has changed completely
    since I got the new moustache of the month.

    Mark Ferell, 32
  • Awesome work. Come in with a photo of my favorite
    celebrity and walk out looking exactly like her.

    Sandra Stone, 29

Home Get In Touch

Get in Touch

Mo -Sat 9am - 6pm
16st Street, New York / Get route
(0800) 123 456 789 info@example.com

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